Blinkleuchte Update Alarm

Banknote counter update alert

Attention update alert!

The following ECB certifications will run in the next few months * most common banknote counters.

Manufacturer/Model software Process for

new software

V&T-8800 2.5 11/06/21 YES**
GLORY GFS100/1110
Hyundai MIB-1S 01.02 11/30/21 YES
Hyundai MIB9 01.00 01/14/21 YES
Hyundai MIB11V 01.04 01/14/22 YES
Hyundai MIB11F 01.04 12/01/21 YES
Procoin ProNote-F / F+ 1.40V/1.40F 11/02/21
Procoin ProNote 1.5F 1.40F 11/02/21
Procoin ProNote 1.5 200.2 10/21/21
Procoin PRC 928 M6300 I670 11/02/21
SBM SB 3000 Main: 02.01., IMG: 03.01 12/01/21 YES
SBM SB 5000 Main: 02.01., IMG: 03.01 12/01/21 YES
Scan Coin 8200F Main:7.7, Reco Ver.7.8 11/06/21
Scan Coin 8200V Main:7.7, Reco Ver.7.8 11/06/21
TBM EP 100 200129 12/01/21 YES

**This software is currently under ECB review and may be extended without a necessary update.

Status of the data shown: July 29, 21 (No guarantee!)

By the way,

You can read here what ECB certification is and why it is mandatory for certain users

Automatic information service

If your money counting machines are serviced by us or were purchased through us, we keep them in our database. This means you benefit from our automatic information service. You will receive a list of your banknote counting machines with the current software version and current location by mail. This makes it easy to get the updates you want to be commissioned at a fixed price .

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