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V&T 8800 banknote counter with sorting function

V&T 8800 banknote counter with sorting function

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Banknote counting and sorting system

BSC V&T-8800

The banknote counting MACHINE!

Nothing toys!
The V&T 8800 banknote counter is a professional system that is used hundreds of times by banks every day. Of course with ECB certification for authenticity testing with update option, etc.

The long-lasting quality of the V&T 8800 is legendary, the extensive functions are easy to understand thanks to the German menu navigation and the touch control panel - a specialty in this class.

The banknote counter can be opened from the front so that you can quickly clear blockages and jams yourself. Error instructions in German menu language make self-help easier.

Banknotes that were not correctly recognized are rejected into a sorting compartment and can be added to the count again after manual checking. This allows for fast counting without stops like other banknote counters without an intermediate compartment.

Ukrainian hryvnia 200 banknote In addition to the €uro and various foreign currencies, the latest software version now also includes the Ukrainian currency “Hryvnia”.


  • Counting and valuing mixed banknotes and polymer notes
  • Processing of Euro, US$, CHF and GBP
  • Sorting by location, orientation and variety
  • Bundle stops


  • LCD touch color display
  • 1 output compartment, 1 reject compartment
  • Interface: RS-232 (serial), USB, Micro SD and LAN


  • 4-side IR image recognition, CIS sensor, IR, MG, UV inspection
  • 3D format recognition


  • ECB-certified counterfeit money detection


  • Max. 1,200 notes/min.
  • Storage compartment: approx. 500 notes
  • Output compartment: max. 200 notes
  • Reject compartment: max. 150 notes

Technical data

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 330x310x300 mm
  • Weight: 10kg


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