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Hyundai MIB

Banknote counting and sorting system MIB 9

Banknote counting and sorting system MIB 9

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Banknote counting machine with sorting function


Mixed counter, 5-fold authenticity check, updateable, ECB certified

With the MIB 9 banknote counter and its ECB-certified authenticity check, daily cash statements can be counted and checked reliably. After the counting process, the banknote counter shows the counted total and the individual amounts on the display. A storage function helps with billing. With the clever sorting compartment (reject compartment), not only uninterrupted counting but also sorting out a type of note is possible.

Easy to clean by simply opening the device


  • Counting and valuing mixed banknotes and polymer notes
  • Processing of Euro, US$, CHF and GBP
  • Sorting by location, orientation and variety
  • Bundle stops


  • LCD color display
  • 1 output compartment, 1 reject compartment
  • Interface: RS-232 (serial), USB, LAN


  • 4-side IR image recognition, CIS sensor, IR, MG, UV inspection
  • 3D format recognition
  • Double note detection via pressure sensor for possible polymer notes


  • ECB-certified counterfeit money detection


  • Max. 1,500 notes/min.
  • Storage compartment: approx. 500 notes
  • Output compartment: max. 200 notes
  • Reject compartment: max. 70 notes

Technical data

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 280x271x269 mm
  • Weight: 8kg


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